5 Minutes, 5 Questions: Emma Spittlehouse

We’ve gone back and spoken to students who completed the Discover Arts and Humanities programme and who decided to stay at Sheffield for their degrees. Here’s how Emma answered her 5 Minutes, 5 Questions.

What are you studying?
I’ve just finished my first year of single honours history moving into my second year.

Where are you from?
Rotherham, which is extremely close to Sheffield.

Why did you take part in the programme?
The programme was suggested to me by a teacher at my sixth form because they knew I was looking at history degrees. I thought the programme would be a perfect opportunity for me to really get a feel for uni life and the subject I was interested in at a degree level.

What was the best thing about the programme?
The programme provided so many opportunities and took me to so many places that it is difficult to pinpoint just one thing as the best. The summer school was probably the most valuable in terms of helping me decide if I was going to stay at home or in halls as well as showing me the structure of a week in the life of a student.
The programme in my eyes is extremely valuable because it doesn’t just show you one kind of subject or element of uni but helps to give you an overall experience of the full life of a student from the perspective of people who are current students themselves.

What is the best thing about being a Sheffield student?
For me having the opportunity to study and live in a place that I am familiar with but not feeling like I’m missing out on the student experience is extremely valuable. I also love the fact that the city itself is so student orientated, it helps to feel like you’re a part of what makes Sheffield such a unique place.

If you would like to take part in ‘5 Minutes 5 Questions’ then drop us a tweet @SheffOutreach and we will be in touch.

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