What is Realising Opportunities?

Participant Gregory Shaw gives us a quick overview of the programme and what he will be working on as well as his plans for afterwards.

‘As part of the Realising Opportunities program I will be working towards an Extended Project Qualification and for me I will be looking into how Japans government debt has formed and what they are going to do about it.

This is relevant for me because I want to study something along the lines of economics at university, so with an EPQ qualification in an economics subject it will really boost my chances of getting in.

What`s more is that with RO I am given lots of support and invited to a whole range of university open days (which the university usually pays for!) and vital workshops which give me great advice on my EPQ and other important things I need to know before going to university such as, how to conduct research and how to make the most out of my precious time there.

“Realising Opportunities is absolutely fantastic for if you are wanting to stretch your potential, with a university student mentor and lots of organised events to give you valuable advice ahead of everyone else which really is priceless”

Gregory Shaw



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