Our Top Tips for Uni Life

The team here at Sheffield Outreach have cast our minds back and put together some of our best tips and advice for starting Uni and the first few weeks!

‘Try and get hold of your module reading lists asap and get down to the library. The key texts you will need fly off the shelves very quickly at the start of term. You snooze, you lose.’

‘Try new things, get involved in events the Student Union run, it’s all about meeting new people and forming friendships in the first couple of weeks. Some of my best friends now are people I met in my first week of university!’

‘Check where key places are in relation to where you live – bus stop, shop, lectures!’

‘Skill Build – although the first few weeks of uni is mayhem, take this opportunity to find out what’s on offer and what you can get involved with to develop your skills during your time at university.  Not just through curricular activities but extra curricular – take a look at the Sheffield Graduate attributes, keep these in the back of your mind when you sign up to things. ‘

‘Join your department society – they have academic and social events and you’ll meet more people on your degree.’

‘I cringe when I remember ringing my mum during Fresher’s week and saying that I wanted to come home. In fact, I ended up having a fantastic three years at uni-once I remembered that it was new and scary for everyone else too.’

‘Explore the place you live in – spend your weekends getting out and about and get to know the area if you don’t already – there are lots of fun and cheap things to do in Sheffield!’

‘Buy a wedge, keep your door open, and let the friends come rolling in – sometimes people get intimidated by a closed door and won’t want to disturb you whilst you could be waiting for someone to say hello!’

‘If you’re living at home and traveling into uni, there’s still lots of ways to get to know people. Look out for events and things going on at the Union.’

‘My advice would be to go out in Freshers Week, to meet people, explore where you are living and get involved.  Try something new and you will make friends in no time.’

‘You can start afresh with things at university and maybe re-invent yourself a little if you want to. So what if you never did sport at school, or volunteered for things- this could be your chance. Be proud of yourself and don’t worry about what others think – most people are too concerned about the choices they are making to worry about yours : )’

If you have any great advice for the first few weeks at University leave in the comments below!


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