Top 10 for Intro Week!

Alex Burns who is one of our ambassadors and studied at the University has given us her top ten tips for getting the most out of those first few weeks at university…

  1. Keep your door lodged open in your flat so people can come and talk to you!
  2. Take a pocket map of the uni campus so you can get around easier
  3. Put yourself out there with your flat mates and course mates you meet – they’re in the same boat as you so don’t be afraid to go up to them and say hi!
  4. Don’t blow yourself out on the first night – it’s a week for a reason!
  5. Explore the city as you’ll have enough time – it’s nice to know what’s what in the city you’re living in
  6. Don’t sign up to every society you see – pick a select few that you’re really really interested in and pursue them as you’re more likely to see them through!
  7. Check out the freshers and society fairs – it is a fantastic way to meet new people, sign up to societies and most of all to get free stuff (enough pens to last a lifetime!)
  8. Remember that the older students will be happy to help if you’re stuck with something – we were freshers too once!
  9. If you’re taking a subject that says you need to buy books for the course – don’t. There will be either older students selling theirs for far cheaper, or the library will have it – never pay full price for it as it’s not worth it. Networking and a keen eye for a bargain is key!
  10. Most importantly – enjoy freshers week, its honestly so much fun and you can experience so much. Everyone is in the same boat, and everybody wants to have a good time, so make sure you’re a part of that. If you’re walking around campus smiling, then others will smile back and the friendly atmosphere will become infectious!

Alex Burns, BA Music, MA Musicology, The University of Sheffield

Twitter: @Classicalexb




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