iGEM Sheffield Edu Day: Brooke

Brooke is an A level student from Campsmount Academy in Doncaster and recently took part in the Genetic Engineering Workshop held by iGem Sheffield and the Excellence Hub. She has written about her experience and what the workshop involved.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA‘Wow!” is how I would describe my experience of iGem. The genetic engineering workshop was a great challenge that pushed my team and I out of our comfort zone.

During the course of the day, we were inspired by both students and engineers about the endless possibilities of genetic engineering. We were then given the opportunity to put our own ideas to the test by designing a product that can be genetically engineered to benefit the world as we know it.

Once we brain stormed our ideas, we began to piece together a presentation of our design explaining the benefits it provides to either the environment or health. This could be as simple as a source of light or defeating a deadly disease. The task not only allows you to express your skills to others, you also meet new friends along the way by working together. The day enabled me to display my leadership qualities and creativity by providing a range of innovative ideas.

At the end of our presentation, the judges questioned aspects of our design and challenged us – which enabled me to test my skills under pressure and made me more confident because of it.

My eyes were definitely opened to the reality of how import genetic engineering is to society and many were inspired to pursue a career in that area by the end of the day. I will be sure to attend more iGem events in the future.’


More information about iGem Sheffield who organised the event can be found on their website – click here

Excellence Hub 

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