Exam season is upon us!

As exam season takes hold on campus here at Outreach we have put together some advice and tips that worked for us. Good luck everybody!

‘Have a study group/buddy so you can talk to someone about what you’ve been reading. I used to read one paper and summarise it in bullet points and then verbally explain the paper to my study buddy. She’d then do the same to me and we’d get two papers for the time it takes to read one!’

‘Eat a banana to fee your brain just before you go in the exam room.’

Take control: Set small achievable revision goals
You can feel stressed by the amount of work you have to do and if you’re not careful you can procrastinate as a way of coping. Breaking your work down into smaller tasks is a great way of getting started and setting smaller achievable goals will build your confidence. You can gradually build up if necessary.

‘When I did my dissertation, my favourite place to work was Weston Bank Library as I could isolate myself if I really needed to focus, or sit in front of the window and unwind between subjects by watching the ducks. It’s also easy from there to get outside for a quick walk. It’s tempting to cram endlessly but I’ve never regretted having a moment away from the books, even in the rain!’

‘My top tip would be not to get too distracted by what everyone else is doing for revision – find the place, revision strategy and daily routine that works for you, and feel confident in sticking with it.’

‘Sometimes it is hard to find the motivation to revise. Make plans to go to the library with a friend, sit apart and see each other for a lunch break. Or why not revise with some course mates as teaching can often be the best form of revising, plus your revising without realizing!’

‘Know a few things well, don’t try and do everything!’

‘Once an exam is over – it’s over. I always preferred not to talk about it with friends and just focus on the next one.’

Here are some more really useful places to get hints, tips, advice and support with all things exam related.

Five a day for Exams – support about dealing with stress on exam days

We are Sheffield Students blog – Study advice, how to achieve more

Managing exam anxiety – videos


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