My top 10 things about being a student in Sheffield

By Stephen Leonforte who graduated in 2016

Sheffield is an amazing city. Nestled in the North, between Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham, the City of Steel presents a diverse range of opportunities and experiences to explore as a student. From scaling the pinnacle of the Peaks to absorbing yourself in the atmosphere of Varsity, there are so many worthwhile ventures to investigate if you choose to study here. I’ve put together a list of 10 favourite things about studying at the University of Sheffield, to paint a picture of the city and give you an insight into what your time as a student here could be like.


The Peaks– With a scale almost 4 times the size of the city of Sheffield, the peaks have a wealth of beautiful scenery to explore and are also an opportunity for avid climbers to test their resolve. Accessible by train or bus, these idyllic hills are a short commute from Sheffield and can be an excellent means to break from work or explore with friends.

Music– Every July, for a weekend, the city erupts into a fanfare. Tramlines festival is a music festival which has come to represent the spirit of Sheffield all over the city. Throughout the day, the various parks and venues across the city host artists from all over the globe and this continues well into the night. It’s yet another great opportunity to spend the weekend in the sun with friends and bask in the mood. Elsewhere around the city, there are various other gigs and nights out to explore throughout the year.

Varsity and Sport- Sheffield has brilliant facilities in place for continuing sports you’re passionate about as well as experimenting with new ones. Varsity is a sports competition between Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield, in which both Universities compete for points- in a variety of disciplines- and to be crowned champions of Sheffield. 2017 Varsity was home to the biggest Ice hockey fixture outside of the US and the competition is always fierce. You’ll find the stadium aflame with a wave of black, gold and burgundy.

Top Students Union in the country– The University of Sheffield Student’s Union has been voted the best Student’s Union in the country, 9 times in a row. This means you can be sure that if you choose Sheffield, you’re getting amazing resources and support to express yourself. You’ll also have the means to set up your own societies and have your interests represented, along with the opportunity to meet people with similar interests and make new friends.

Cheap!!– Whether you enjoy bumbling down Broad Lane or a rollick down Rockingham Street, you can be sure it’ll contain some of the cheapest food and drink in the country. Sheffield has been voted the cheapest city to live, so your loan will go that much further.

Crucible & Lyceum– Sheffield has a thriving arts scene and you’ll find numerous chances to get involved in theatre and music. The Crucible and Lyceum often have seasons which cater to a variety of tastes, from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream to contemporary plays such as Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.

Safe– Ultimately, and importantly, Sheffield is a place where you can enjoy yourself and express yourself with confidence. It has been voted the safest city in Britain, so you’ll have added peace of mind when studying here.

Voted number one for Accommodation– Yet another reason to live in Sheffield as a student is the fact its accommodation has been voted number one in the country for 3 years in a row. You’ll be living in first-class residence from day one and be able to enjoy your first year that much more.

Facilities- Perhaps you’ve woken with a start at 4am because you forgot to adjust the margins on your 200 word essay. Or you’ve been swept away with inspiration for your dissertation on ‘The application of figs in the rodeo’. Well you can rest assured, as the Information Commons-the main University Library- has 24/7 access, so you can revise and work to whatever schedule suits you.

Hidden Gems– There are also a number of hidden gems to excavate in the nooks and crannies of the city. Places like the Audacious Art Experiment, Food Hall, Rare and Racy, Bank Street Arts and Strip the Willow all reflect the personality of the city and are just a handful of the prospects slotted into the alcoves of Sheffield.

Overall the student experience you have anywhere is how you decide to shape it. It is the culmination of the experiences you pursue, the people you meet and your growth as an individual. If you choose Sheffield, know that you’ll be part of a diverse community which will support and empower you. There are also many more places to see and things to do in Sheffield, so experiment and find out what works for you!

Outreach and Widening Participation at the University of Sheffield

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