5 Minutes, 5 Questions: Faheem Saeed

We’ve gone back and spoken to students who completed the Sheffield Outreach and Access to Medicine Scheme (SOAMS) programme and who are about to start their degrees here at Sheffield. Here’s how Faheem answered 5 Minutes, 5 Questions.

What are you studying?
I will be studying Medicine.

Where are you from?
Huddersfield in Yorkshire

Why did you take part in the programme?
I had an interest in the medical field but due to being the first in my immediate family to consider applying to university, I didn’t have access to adequate guidance and needed a platform which would provide me with the knowledge and confidence to progress to Higher Education. SOAMS provided exactly this and felt like the right choice for me.

What was the best thing about the programme?
Everything to be honest! If I had to pick one, probably the range of events and activities they offer – medical careers conference, summer school packed with lots of valuable activities to support medical admissions, exam booster classes and lots more!!

What are you most excited about university? 
Making new friends and generally the whole experience of living away from home and settling into a new city. Above all, I’m really excited to embark a new journey studying the course of my dreams at a city which I’m certain will be the right one for me!

If you would like to take part in ‘5 Minutes 5 Questions’ then drop us a tweet @SheffOutreach and we will be in touch.



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