5 Minutes, 5 Questions: Fahmina Mridha

We’ve gone back and spoken to students who completed the Access to Dental Occupations – Practice and Tutoring pathway and who are about to start their degrees here at Sheffield. Here’s how Fahmina answered 5 Minutes, 5 Questions.

What are you studying?
I am about to start Dentistry, first year.

Where are you from?

Why did you take part in the programme?
I always knew that I wanted to study at university, but I didn’t know much about the process of getting there and eventually being there. My parents helped as much as they could, but because they didn’t have first-hand experience, I didn’t have the opinion of someone who knew about university and me. It gave me the chance to meet like-minded people with a similar background to me, and proved that I would be able to study at university. I initially started out on the SOAMS programme aimed towards Medicine, but went onto ADOPT which has a focus on Dentistry. This was the most crucial – and probably the most ironic –  part of SOAMS; I realised that Medicine was not for me!

What was the best thing about the programme?
Summer School! The week was packed with activities including ethical debates, mock interviews, UKCAT preparation, clinical skills practice (suturing, CPR), and even a session in the dissection suite! We also had an evening out at Centertainment – a cinema near to Sheffield.

What are you most excited about university?
Meeting people from all over the world!

If you would like to take part in ‘5 Minutes 5 Questions’ then drop us a tweet @SheffOutreach and we will be in touch.

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