5 Minutes, 5 Questions: Scott Moore

US in Schools Mentoring is back for 2017/18. Mentoring is bigger than ever with 76 mentors who are now fully trained and in 1 of our 16 schools. Scott Moore is a new mentor this year and is October’s Mentor of the Month winner for his enthusiasm at initial training, ensuring members in his group were having fun, working together, and getting involved. Here’s how he answered his 5 Minutes5 Questions:

Where are you from:

The best city in the world and current UK City of Culture, Hull

What are you studying:004

BA English Literature

Where are you mentoring:

Tupton Hall in Derbyshire

What made you want to become a mentor:

It is a change for your own personal development, alongside helping young people from similar backgrounds for you to develop new skills and fulfill their potential. It’s win, win.

What is the best thing about mentoring so far and what are you most looking forward to:

The best thing about mentoring so far was meeting my fellow mentors at the training sessions which were both highly educational and enjoyable. I am most looking forward to meeting with my mentees for the first time at Tupton.

If you would like to take part in ‘5 Minutes 5 Questions’ then drop us a tweet @SheffOutreach and we will be in touch

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