Life as a HeppSY+ Graduate Intern

My name is Bryony and for the last eight months I’ve been working as a Graduate Intern for the University of Sheffield Outreach and Widening Participation team and HeppSY+ (Higher Education Progression Partnership South Yorkshire Plus). 

I wanted to do a roundup of the exciting things I’ve been involved in, what I’ve learnt and also what I’m moving on to do.

I have been involved in lots of different and interesting things during my time at the University from careers and UCAS events and fairs, to activity and study skills days and even assisting on the recruitment of our fantastic student ambassadors. In fact, this was the first time I have been through the recruitment process from the other side and it was really insightful and definitely helped me in taking my next career steps.

I have mostly been involved in events for young people in Years 6-13, providing advice and guidance on Higher Education but I have also been able to shadow other colleagues and departments to widen my experience, such as our sustained Discover Programmes, Excellence Hub and Brilliant Club.

The best thing I have done since I have been here has been the HeppSY+ activity day, where I organised a pilot activity day for students in Y10, to gain an insight into Higher Education in more of a fun, interactive and enjoyable way. The day involved a quiz, an anagrams challenge and even a campus treasure hunt! It was really successful and we are hoping to run the event again.

I’ve developed lots of new skills as well as improving on my existing ones, such as essential admin and time management, and becoming more confident in my public speaking as I have delivered presentation to as many as 100 students!

I have met so many different people in this role and have been able to learn something new from everyone. This job has allowed me to grow as a person both personally and professionally, I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities I have been given and I am now moving on to work as a Project Support Officer for the NHS, taking everything that I have learnt here to help me in my new role!

Bryony Price


Graduate Intern

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