‘Being a carer has not held me back from getting involved in university’

19679448_10213166434017382_8296349940883695599_oHello! My name is Abbie Clarke and I’m from Kent. I’m a second-year law student and my favourite thing about studying law the variety of modules you can study – there’s always something for everyone.

Whilst at university, I co-founded the gymnastics club and am the treasurer on the committee. I also enjoy doing boxing and playing netball for the law society. Sheffield is a brilliant place to study because there are lots of friendly societies to join and the city is right on your doorstep.

I care for my older brother who has down’s syndrome and autism. He finds it difficult to communicate and needs a lot of support. I used to think it was unfair that sometimes I had to miss out on things to help look after him but at school, I was part of Young Carer’s club and got to go on days out and even a festival! I was worried about going to a university so far from home but Sheffield has a fantastic support network and if I ever need help, there’s always someone there.

Being a carer has not held me back from getting involved in university life because the carers bursary means I don’t need to get a job. I can focus on my studies and can afford a train home if needed. Coming to Sheffield has helped me branch out, meet new people and try different things – I don’t regret a thing!

For further information about the support available at the University visit our website for Students.

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