‘I was worried studying alongside caring would be impossible’

My name is Alice and I am a student in my third year at Sheffield but originally from Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I study biomedical sciences, I first found an interest in this course due to my caring role and I like getting an understanding of the genetics of certain disorders and the advances in research that are being done to help treat and cure these disorders. I care for my younger brother who is just about to turn 18, he has Smith-Magenis Syndrome which is rare but has similarities to autism. His disability means he is unable to care for himself, much like a young child, however he has the strength and stature of a large male. I aid wherever I can, usually in looking after and watching my brother as he cannot be left unsupervised and my mum is a single parent. This is a time-consuming role and I was worried studying alongside this would be impossible.

​Although there have been challenges and deadlines to meet​,​ I have received help and understanding from the university whenever possible. As a student at Sheffield the things I enjoy the most mostly revolve around the city, and the close proximity of all the student areas to the centre, I also enjoy the nightlife and daytime culture of Sheffield as a city. As a university Sheffield provides an abundance of resources, most helpful to me being the library. When I was at school this help was lesser, as a school they were lenient with deadlines but I did not have the quiet environments to revise for exams like I do now, I have found the libraries the most useful tool in my studies. 

For further information about the support available at the University visit our website for Students.

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