Where are they now? Kelly Lawrence

Here at Mentoring Towers (more commonly known as the Arts Tower), the US in Schools Mentoring Team caught up with some previous Mentors after wondering ‘Where Are They Now?’. Kelly Lawrence, a mentor in 2014/15 at Parkwood Academy, checked in with the team and here’s what she had to say:
Kelly Lawrence 14-15Where are you living?

What are you doing / have you done so far in your career?

I completed a Placement year at IBM while studying at the University of Sheffield. I’m now 4 months into my Sales and Marketing graduate role at Mondelez International (Owner of Cadburys, Oreo, Toblerone and Maynard Bassetts) in London. I even got a photo with the Premier League trophy!

How did being an US in Schools Mentor help you decide on a career path?

I found I was creative in thinking of new session ideas for my students, and I was good at communicating the aims of the sessions and what we would learn by the end. I love talking to people and I’m a natural leader; this came out in mentoring sessions as the students would look to me for advice or help with their school work. I undertook a career in Sales due to these experiences from my mentoring.

What skills did you develop as an US in Schools Mentor?

The programme helps you to develop all of the skills every recruiter looks for in a potential candidate. I became confident with communicating of people of all different ages and I was organized in preparing materials for the sessions with my students. I developed great listening skills and felt a strong pride and responsibility in my job.

What would you say to anyone thinking about becoming an US in Schools Mentor?

It’s a great opportunity to develop your CV and undertake something different while studying at University. This will help you to develop excellent skills for future jobs. 

If you are a current TUoS student and want to find out more about becoming a mentor visit our recruitment webpage: https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/outreach/ambassador

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