Blog series: Scott Moore & his Outreach work journey

Hello all! I’m Scott, a second-year undergraduate student of English Literature here at the University of Sheffield. You may remember me as I have been featured on the outreach blog before as a ‘Mentor of the Month’ and may recognise me from my recent student take-over of the outreach Instagram and Snapchat accounts – that’s right, I’m back and blogging this time!

During my time at university, I have been lucky enough to work with the Outreach team on various projects to widen participation in Higher Education, and I wanted to share my experiences of this with you all, so please, keep reading….

I’m currently a ‘US in 004Schools Mentor’ and in this role I mentor five Year 9 and 10 pupils from a local secondary school. I have weekly one-to-one mentoring sessions with each of my pupils, where we work together to reach their goals (which range from improving skills to finding a career to aspire to). Not only do I deliver one-to-one sessions, working with a team of fellow mentors, I have delivered sessions to large numbers of mentees on student finance as well as tours of the University’s campus. Working as a Mentor is a wholly rewarding experience that has given me immense satisfaction in helping my mentees achieve their goals and to see their academic and personal growth.

I have recently started working as a Student Ambassador at the Building Learning Power (BLP) Club- an after-school club for children in Years 5 and 6. At first, I was apprehensive about working with children of primary school age (I’m not the paternal type!) but I am glad I put myself forward for the opportunity. I attended my first BLP Club this week and found it a very beneficial opportunity. The Club is split into a three parts: a lesson delivered by a qualified primary school teacher, a break time for the children to socialise, and finally an activity on Higher Education. It was extremely rewarding to see the children during the activity on university become so enthused and inspired to attend university themselves.

Recently, I’ve been offered the opportunity to be an e-Mentor for A-Level students who have an interest in studying Arts and Humanities subjects at University.I am excited to be able to share my passion for English Literature with my e-mentees who are equally passionate about Arts and Humanities!

In summation, my participation in the numerous aforementioned projects is testament to the university’s commitment to widening participation in Higher Education. I find it commendable that the University is committed to removing the barriers, which prevent some young people from progressing onto Higher Education. I am honoured to be involved in such important projects and find my work to be extremely fulfilling and rewarding.

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