Sussing out our Scholarships

This time last year Libby was in the same situation as many of our participants  and was busy applying for uni and making plans for how she could afford it. Libby applied for and was awarded the  Alumni Scholarship which is worth £3,600 over three years, for students with a household income of £50,000 or under. She writes for us below on how participants in our Discover and Realising Opportunity programmes can find out more and apply for 2018 entry.

IMG_0291I am currently studying for a BA in Education, Culture and Childhood and I took part in the Discover Social Sciences Scheme. I went to Chapeltown Academy Sixth Form College, and decided to study at Sheffield. Like all students I was pretty worried about the cost of university. I heard about the bursary through Discover Social Sciences, I had done a little research online about it but was really prompted by a talk at a University Discover Event. The application process was actually fairly simple, I could find out most things I needed to know using the links on the application form and the rest was really just writing about yourself and your situation. But university staff were more than happy to help whenever I needed it.

When I found out I had been awarded the Scholarship I felt relieved. I knew that my parents had been worried about being able to support me at university, they had been through a really tough couple of years and would have struggled to help me financially. But the scholarship meant there was enough that I and my parents wouldn’t need to worry about money and I could keep enjoy university life and sign up for societies and activities.

The Scholarship has meant that I have not had to worry about going to events, socials and activities because I knew I could pay for them. It has also helped me to be able to travel around the city and to and from home much more as I am able to afford it.

I would absolutely recommend applying for the Scholarship. The extra money means that you can do the things you want to at University and get the real University experience and it means there are less worries in a stressful time of transition to University.

If I had to give you any advice to help you complete the application I’d say be honest, but really show off all the best things about you and what you have to offer to the university and the community.

If you’re part of our Discover or Realising Opportunities Schemes and you’d like any more help and support applying for the scholarship or student finance then come along to our Finance Drop-In Workshop in The Firth Court Computer Room on  Wednesday 14th March 1:45pm-4:30pm.

We’ll have an expert from our finance team on hand to help you out, as well our student ambassadors. Click here to book your place or email your pathway coordinator.

Further information about Scholarships and Bursaries at the University of Sheffield can be found online at the website below

Undergraduate Scholarships

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