Police Now : Charlotte Smith posts

Hello! My name is Charlotte Smith and I’m originally from Middlesbrough. I ‘m currently a second-year medical student and I have been working for the Outreach team since September.

Charlotte in workshop.JPGIn my first year, I was lucky enough to win a £1,000 prize from the organisation Police: Now. This organisation hopes to reduce crime and increase the public’s confidence in policing through the recruitment of people from a range of backgrounds. As part of the prize guidelines, I had to give the money to a Charitable cause that is in keeping with the principles of the organisation.

I have always been passionate about education inequalities and how improvements in education can help in reducing crime. My passion is to create a society where everyone can apply to Medical School irrespective of their family background and offers are made purely based on merit.

As a result, using the money from the Police: Now prize, I was able to design and run my own medicine taster session for the DiscoverUs Year 10 and Year 11 students. It consisted of a fictional case: ‘John Smith a 72-year-old man who presented to A&E with pain in his right chest’. The students acted as Foundation Year doctors and as a team went around 4 stations based on a different system of the body trying to work out the diagnosis of John.

To allow the session to be inclusive to anyone, no matter if they wanted to study medicine. I added a medical ethics station and tried to tailor the session to be more focused on being part of the Healthcare Profession, not just medicine.

As the sessions were run by Medical and Nursing students, the students had a lot of time to ask questions

Overall, I have immensely enjoyed the whole process of designing and delivering these sessions. The most rewarding aspect of the job was seeing my ideas get put in person and also see the benefit that my time and effort had on the students. I am extremely grateful to the Police: Now Organisation for allowing me to give my prize to the Outreach team, and also the Outreach team for being so patient and responsive to my ideas of how to use the money.

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